Saturday, November 3, 2012

Arriving in a BUSY household 9-14-12

The minute we exited OTP airport in Bucharest and found Alina waiting for us, all the months of planning for this day were worth it. 

Louis and I took overnight flights from Dulles through Munich to Bucharest on Lufthansa. Even as relatively short people (5'8" and 5'5"), we found the legroom and seat recline on the new AirBus 330 to be HORRIBLE, so we'll try to find another carrier next time.  

Soon after we arrived at the Vernon's apartment near Bucharest's version of Central Park, called Herastrau, Christie (9) and Andrei (7) arrived from school to join little George (2) and his nannie, Christina.

Here's a link to information on the park, so you can see more of what makes it possible for a family of five to live in an apartment with three young children.
Herastrau Park

Chuck reads Georgie's new book to Andrei, Christie, and George.
Alina has to come see, too.
Louie cooks while Alina checks CVV's math homeowork.

This family eats the healthiest food imaginable...YEAH!

George likes yoghurt.
Andrei has a few teeth missing!

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